Minimal incision foot surgery first gained popularity in the 1990’s but was fraught with complications.

The technique was redesigned in 2011 by a few surgeons in Europe and became known as the second-generation Minimal Incision Foot Surgery technique.

Dr. Loder has the most experience in this area and is one of the highest volume foot surgeons in the United States. Dr. Loder began working with Minimal Incision Foot Surgery in 2018, prior to the introduction in the United States. He was trained, personally, by the surgeons in Europe in 2017. Since that time, Dr. Loder has been perfecting his techniques in Minimally Incision Foot Surgery.

Dr. Loder has completed many hundreds of minimally invasive bunion operations and has applied the minimally invasive approach to the cheilectomy (surgery for stiff big toe) and the calcaneal osteotomy (heel shift).

Dr. Loder is using his experience and knowledge to enhance the availability and products used in Minimal Incision Foot Surgery. Routinely, Dr. Loder travels around the United States training other surgeons on the Minimal Incision Technique. Dr. Loder has a vision of changing the way foot surgery is performed through the use on Minimal Incision Technited ques.

The Podiatric Surgical Specialists were the first in Michigan to introduce a new form of minimally invasive (key hole) bunion surgery.

The minimally invasive approach has many benefits for patients compared with traditional open surgery and is based on using incisions which are smaller than the diameter of a thin pencil. Our minimally invasive bunion surgery takes approximately half an hour.

There is less tissue damaged during surgery and the risk of scarring is much reduced. Therefore recovery from bunion surgery is expected to be more predictable, with a very low risk of infection.

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